Open Job Vacancies 2023(Kenya)

Cargo Attendant
Our client, a logistics company is looking for a cargo attendant who will be responsible for preparing and processing the necessary documents and fees, routing shipments and arranging the shipping methods, weighing the parcels, and coordinating the logistics and transportation details. They will negotiate postal and shipping rates, prepare invoices, and maintain records of all transactions and necessary information
Cargo Attendant Responsibilities: 
  • Check import or export documentation to determine cargo contents and use tariff coding system to classify goods according to fee or tariff group.
  • Ensure that all relevant paperwork for each shipment is completed and attached where required.
  • Prepare international shipments for customs by ensuring proper tariffs are completed and attached.
  • Advise clients regarding payment options for cargo and assist with cargo booking inquiries.
  • Prepare all required bills for landing and any other documents as required.
  • Record cargo information such as size, weight, and dimensions.
  • Assist with the tracking of lost or missing shipments.
  • Pack goods for shipping, using tools such as staplers, strapping machines, and hammers


    • A Degree or Diploma in Logistics, Business, or Supply Chain.
    • 2 years of experience within a similar role as either a courier, cargo agent, delivery person, or logistics operative
    • Demonstrated experience in providing customer support
    • Excellent conflict resolution and negotiating skills.
    • An understanding of all of the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel and Access
    • Demonstrated mathematical skills.
Human Resource Manager -Kirinyaga
Our client in Kirinyaga is looking to hire a Human Resource Manager to coordinate all their HR and administrative activities. The sucessful candidate will will take ownership of all HR matters across the company from recruitment to performance reviews, wage reviews, disciplinary action, and learning and development. (Must reside in Kirinyaga or its Environs)
Human Resource Manager Responsibilities: 
  • Developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy
  • Bridging management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issue.
  • Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital
  • Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization
  • Nurture a positive working environment
  • Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance
  • Maintain pay plan and benefits program
  • Report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics
  • Ensure legal compliance throughout human resource management.
  • Handle conflicts, disciplinary actions, and terminations.
  • Oversee and manage benefits and compensation.
  • Create a safe and inclusive work environment.
  • Manage organizational company culture.
  • Implementing systematic staff development procedures
  • Ensuring accurate and proper record-keeping of employee information in electronic and digital format.


    • Bachelor’s degree in human resources management or equivalent.
    • Must be a member of IHRM.
    • 6+ years of proven working experience as an HR Manager or other HR Executive.
    • Competence in using Hr systems.
    • Ability to architect strategy along with leadership skills.
    • Extensive knowledge of HR policies and systems.
    • Knowledge of relevant health and safety laws.
    • Experience in conflict resolution, disciplinary processes, and workplace investigations.
    • Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company
    • In-depth knowledge of labor law and HR best practices.
Accounting Administrator
We are looking to hire an accounting administrator whose duties will include documenting invoices, managing the flow of petty cash, bank reconciliation, Updating and maintaining procedural documentation, proposal writing & account payables.
To ensure success the desired candidate, you should possess financial acumen and attention to detail. Ultimately, a top-notch accounting administrator should be able to proces
Accounting Administrator Responsibilities: 
  • Preparing financial documents such as invoices, tax filings, and monthly profit reports.
  • Maintaining files on account receivables and updating records as required.
  • Ensuring that clients are informed of any changes to service agreements and payment options.
  • Updating management on any financial discrepancies found during tax filing or invoicing duties.
  • Archiving financial documentation and updating accounting databases on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Adhering to best practices in accounting, as outlined by industry experts and espoused by the company.
  • Updating and maintaining procedural documentation, proposal writing & account payables.


 Sales and Marketing Officer Requirements:

    • BSc degree in Finance, Accounting or relevant field.
    • 2+ years of proven work experience as an Accounts Administrator or similar role
    • Good knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and debt collection regulations
    • Hands-on experience with accounting software
    • Advanced knowledge of Excel (using financial formulas and creating spreadsheets)
    • Solid data entry skills with an ability to identify numerical errors
    • Good organizational and time-management abilities
Human Resource Administrator

We are looking to hire a HR Admin who will assist with recruitment and day to day operations of the HR functions as well as provide clerical support to all employees. The successful candidate is expected to be a conceptual thinker with superb organizational and time management skills.

The sucessful candidate should have sound knowledge of labor laws and be willing to regularly revise them. You must be able to deal with a variety of personalities and keep calm in tense situations.

Human Resource Administrator  Responsibilities: 

Maintaining internal records, which may include preparing, issuing and filing company documentation (e.g. sick leave, maternity leave, etc.).

  • Prepare HR documents, like employment contracts and new hire guides.
  • Create regular reports and presentations on HR metrics (e.g. turnover rates)
  • Answer employees queries about HR-related issues
  • Assist payroll department by providing relevant employee information (e.g. leaves of absence, sick days and work schedules)
  • Setting up interviews and corresponding with prospective employees in a timely manner.
  • ~

Human Resource Administrator Requirements:

    • A Bachelor’s degree in human resources, management or similar.
    • Proven experience in an HR or HR Admin role.
    • Excellent telephone, verbal, and written communication skills.
    • Sound knowledge of labor laws and practices.
    • The ability to keep sensitive information confidential.
    • Must be approachable and helpful.
    • Strong critical thinking skills.
    • Good ethical judgment.
Client Service Executive
We are looking for a client service executive who will communicate with existing clients either in person, over the telephone, or through email to identify their needs and address complaints or concerns regarding our products or services. The successful candidate is expected to have excellent communication, problem-solving, and customer service skills at all times.
The  successful candidate  should be committed to helping clients and able to work well under pressure. Ultimately, and demonstrate excellent communication, problem-solving, and customer service skills at all times.
Client Service Executive  Responsibilities: 
  • Cultivating solid relationships with clients through the provision of exceptional after-sales service.
  • Creating a positive onboarding experience for new clients.
  • Regularly interacting with clients through telephone calls, email communications, or face-to-face meetings.
  • Identifying ways to overcome clients’ initial dislike of company products.
  • Maintaining an accurate record of all existing and potential clients.
  • Responding to client inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
  • Training and providing overall guidance to client service employees.
  • Organizing training seminars to enable clients to fully utilize product features and benefits.
  • Ensuring that the correct terms of sale are entered into the client database to prevent avoidable billing issues.


Client Service Executive Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or an industry-related field.
    • Proven experience working as a client servicing executive.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
    • Working knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
    • The ability to work efficiently under pressure.
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Effective communication skills.
    • Exceptional customer service skills.
Accountant - Logistics Company
Our client, a logistics company is looking to hire an accountant. Their duties will include preparing financial statements, examining and analyzing the company’s accounts, and ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standard accounting procedures.
Accountant Responsibilities: 
  •  Wrap up financial tasks within a stipulated period of accounting, without failing out on a single aspect even.
  • Manage freights and review rates as per the State laws or company rules.
  • Ensure proper abiding of the strictures imposed for management of logistics accounts.
  • Providing financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports.
  • Preparing asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information.
  • Reconciling financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information.
  • Securing financial information by completing database backups.
  • Preparing special financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.
  • Summarizing current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports.


Accountant Requirements:

    • BSc in Accounting, Finance or relevant degree.
    • 2+ years of work experience as an Accountant – preferably at a logistics company.
    • Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
    • Hands-on experience with accounting software like FreshBooks and QuickBooks
    • Experience with general ledger functions
    • Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills
    • Additional certification (CPA or CMA) is a plus
Sales and Marketing Officer (closed)
We are looking for a passionate sales and marketing officer to assist in the advertising and selling of our company’s products and services and to create competitive advantages for our company in the market industry. The sales and marketing officer’s responsibilities include generating unique sales plans, creating engaging advertisements, emails, and promotional literature, developing pricing strategies, and meeting marketing and sales human resource objectives. The sales and marketing officer represents the company’s brand and drives strategies to increase product and service awareness by observing the market, competitors, and industry trends.To be a successful sales and marketing officer, you should have strong interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. You should also possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in sales and marketing.
Sales and Marketing Officer Responsibilities: 
  • Promoting the company’s existing brands and introducing new products to the market.
  • Analyzing budgets, preparing annual budget plans, scheduling expenditures, and ensuring that the sales team meets their quotas and goals.
  • Researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans, understanding consumer requirements, identifying market trends, and suggesting system improvements to achieve the company’s marketing goals.
  • Gathering, investigating, and summarizing market data and trends to draft reports.
  • Implementing new sales plans and advertising.
  • Recruiting, training, scheduling, coaching, and managing marketing and sales teams to meet sales and marketing human resource objectives.
  • Maintaining relationships with important clients by making regular visits, understanding their needs, and anticipating new marketing opportunities.
  • Staying current in the industry by attending educational opportunities, conferences, and workshops, reading publications, and maintaining personal and professional networks.
  • Oversee day-to-day sales, monitoring, and forecasting to better understand the market
  • Continually assess our marketing techniques and their efficacy in affecting sales
  • Work collaboratively with the client managers to assess, achieve and exceed current projections.
  • Own ultimate responsibility for successfully meeting or exceeding sales goals.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to creatively reach more potential customers.
  • Take calculated risks to increase profitability and brand recognition.
  • Set the precedent for excellence through leading by example.
  • Cultivate and deepen client relationships and partnerships that add value.
  • ~
  • Sales and Marketing Officer Requirements:
    • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or related field.
    • 3-5 years experience in marketing or sales.
    • Experience in management may be advantageous.
    • Proven knowledge of sales and marketing strategies.
    • Strong analytical, organizational, and creative thinking skills.
    • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills.
    • Knowledge of data analysis and report writing.
    • The capacity to comprehend and follow company policies and procedures.
    • The ability to work under pressure.
Production and Operations Officer ( Closed)
We are looking for a driven production and operation officer who should be a qualified geomatic surveyor to be responsible for quality and process control and oversight of the survey and training team.To be successful as a production and operation officer, you should have great analytical and mathematical skills, possess a keen eye for detail, and have great project management skills.

  • Planning and organizing production schedules
  • Uses project scheduling software to track project milestones and monitor project budgets.
  • Verifying data and calculations produced by team.
  • Decide on and order the resources that are required and ensure stock levels remain adequate
  • Select equipment and take responsibility for its maintenance.
  • Regular attendance at work sites.
  • Ensure that the production will be cost effective by estimating costs and negotiating and agreeing budgets with both clients and managers
  • Monitor the production processes and adjust schedules as needed
  • Monitor productivity rates and product standards and implement quality control programmes
  • Liaise with different departments, teams and companies, e.g. suppliers, managers, clients
  • Ensure customer orders are completed on time and to budget and that quality standards and targets are met
  • Work with managers to implement the company’s policies and goals
  • Collate and analyze data, putting together production reports for both managers and customers
  • Supervise and motivate team of workers
  • Review worker performance and identify training needs.
  • Ensure all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way
  • Improve operational management systems, processes and best practices
  • Help the organization’s processes remain legally compliant
  • Formulate strategic and operational objectives
  • Examine financial data and use them to improve profitability
  • Set the quality standards, perform quality controls and monitor production KPIs.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations.
  • Organizing the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment.
  • Liaising with marketing and sales staff.
  • Recruit, select, train, assign, schedule, coach, counsel, and discipline employees.
  • Communicate job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions.
  • Plan and review compensation actions; enforcing policies and procedures.
  • Forecast requirements; prepare an annual budget; schedule expenditures; analyze variances; initiating corrective actions
  • Analyze and improve organizational process and workflow, employee and space requirements, and equipment layout; implement changes.
  • Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations
  • Communicate with legal counsel and safety department to ensure all processes remain compliant with regulatory health and safety regulations and other governmental regulations
  • Accomplish operations and organization mission by completing related results as needed
  • Responsible for all department managers and supervisors, with review/approval responsibility for all operations employees.
  • Manage relationships with key operations vendors
  • Track vendor pricing, rebates, and service levels.
  • Review and approve all operational invoices and ensure they are submitted for payment.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact when there are customer issues related to equipment quality, customer service, or accidents and mishaps on-site. In particular, this includes any issues on-site at client facilities, such as breaking a fence or tape residue on flooring.
  • Communicate customer issues with the operations team and devise ways of improving the customer experience, including resolving problems and complaints.
  • Work closely with the CEO and management team to set and/or implement policies, procedures, and systems and to follow through with implementation.
  • Communicate all operating policies and/or issues at department meetings.
  • Work closely with the inventory manager and team to perform analysis of our inventory and ensure we are utilizing our inventory effectively, purchasing the right equipment, maintaining solid inventory data, and reduce sub-rental expenses.


  • Degree in Surveying, Planning, GIS or any other related field.
  • Diploma in Business Administration will be an added advantage.
  • At least 2 years of experience in management
  • Proven record in delivering quality measurement work.
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Be thorough and pay attention to detail
  • Able to use a computer and the main software packages competently


Office Administrator
We are looking for an incredible Office Administrator who is interested in working for a fast-growing company that embraces organizational health. They will undertake administrative tasks, ensuring the rest of the staff has adequate support to work efficiently. The tasks of the office administrator will include executing HR policies and maintaining the petty cash. The ideal candidate will be competent in prioritizing and working with little supervision. They will be self-motivated and trustworthy. The office administrator ensures smooth running of our company’s offices and contributes to driving sustainable growth.

  • Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies.
  • Execute HR directives and policies.
  • Supervise administrative staff and divide responsibilities to ensure performance
  • Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments etc. for the upper management
  • Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)
  • Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Create and update records and databases with personnel, financial and other data
  • Track stocks of office supplies and place orders when necessary
  • Submit timely reports and prepare presentations/proposals as assigned
  • Assist colleagues whenever necessary
  • Monitor and oversee the general cleanliness of the office.
  • Manage and properly account for petty cash issued to facilitate general office activities.
  • Responsible for office administration payments within approved expense limits and they are made within reasonable time to ensure business continuity (office courier service, office telephone, office cleaning services, office utility bills (power, water, wifi, security), office catering & lunch management services)
  • Maintain and file all business records in a systematic manner.
  • Submitting Tenders
  • Preparing quotations, invoices and requisition forms.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Diploma in a relevant field; a Degree is an added advantage
  • At least 2-3 years proven work experience as an office administrator and human resource management.
  • Human resource management experience.
  • Proven Project management skills
  • Experience handling service providers ie Transport, ticketing, office suppliers, accommodation.
  • Thorough knowledge of customer service, office management and basic bookkeeping procedures.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
  • The ability to create a positive, everlasting impression with the most professional, courteous and to continually strive for superior client service.
  • Enjoys dealing with people daily and is tolerant of rude people,
  • Polite but assertive.
  • Proactive, punctual and reliable.
  • Good organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills, with an emphasis on tack and diplomacy
  • Business driven, people focused, with exceptional influencing skills; excellent organizational, multi-tasking, presentation and time-management skills.
  • Record Management; experienced in electronic and paper filing systems.
Our client in ICT is looking to hire a sales Head who’ll drive the product and business planning processes across cross-functional teams of the company and monitor and track sales performance of the company’s products.RESPONSIBILITIES1.Ensure focus on client acquisition for ICT services.2.Delivering agreed targets for the sales team on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

3.Leads the sales team “from the front” as well as supporting the sales team to deliver their own sales performance.

4.Preparation and agreement of strategy development and implementation into sales activity.

5.Preparation and delivery of weekly forecasting and reporting to the Comprehensive Services Sales Director to measure forecast v’s monthly, quarterly and annual budgets

6.Responsible for the performance, management, recruitment and development of the sales team.

7.Prepares action plans by individuals as well as by team for effective development of sales leads and prospects.

8.Initiates and coordinates development of action plans to penetrate new markets.


1.Degree in IT, Computer Science or related field

2.Minimum 7+ years’ proven track record in pre-sales, business development and account management in the telecom or IT industry.

3.Independent and resourceful team player with a genuine enthusiasm for providing excellent support to internal and external customers

4.Proven Account Management skills required in order to create, maintain and enhance customer relationships

5.Meticulous and give attention to details

Employment Type




We are looking for an experienced CEO to manage

the day-to-day running of a professional organization

He/ She is responsible for the supervision of the overall

organization strategy and success with the goal of

increasing stakeholders’ value.


1. Provide overall day to day leadership and administration of operations of the Company under the guidance of the Board;

2. Develop and recommend short, medium, and long term strategies,

business plans, and annual operating budgets to the board

3. Ensuring that any contracts entered between the organization and other parties have terms and conditions that are appropriate with potential risks identified.

4. Direct and coordinate the Company’s operations and administration to ensure that the various divisions operate in conformity with the overall

strategic plans and performance targets

5. Formulate and implement sound financial strategies, plans, policies,

procedures, budgets, and systems

6. Promote the Company’s image and develop a good working relationship with all stakeholders and partners

7. Advise the Board of Directors on operations, financial and investment planning, and sustainable development of Company interests


1. Minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in a senior managerial

position in a large organization

2. Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a relevant discipline or MBA.

3. Certification in Corporate Governance and/or Leadership from recognized institutions will be an added advantage.

4. Understanding of personnel management.

5. Have knowledge and experience in working with government, and/or stakeholders




We are located at Feruzi towers along Kiambu rd opposite Quickmart supermarket, if commuting take a matatu in town (Triple S or Kaka T) in Tom mboya and alight at Quickmart Supermarket Kiambu rd. Come to Feruzi towers, 6th floor. Carry a printed copy of your CV.

Our client a restaurant in Karen is looking for a young and motivated hospitality intern. You should be ready to greet customers with a smile and help with day to day operations. Whether serving or keeping things tidy.


  • Bachelors/ Diploma in hospitality management or a similar relevant field.
  • Knowledge of the best practices and procedures for customer service, hospitality management, hotel operations.
  • Excellent communication, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service

A Business Development Officer

WE ARE HIRING A Business Development Officer

A Multispecialty dental health facility in the heart of Nairobi CBD is looking for a Business development Officer who will move the business Activities of the Business to the next level.



  • Brand marketing to insurance schemes.
  • Support general marketing activities with social media, event marketing, and search engine marketing efforts
  • Create and maintain rapport with relevant Insurance departments. e.g. Finance, claims and provider relations.
  • Offer clients advise on company’s products & services .
  • Engaging new leads in the corporate field to attract potential clients.
  • Working on a proactive Marketing strategy for the organization.


  • Prior experience in a similar role. Experience within digital marketing is a plus.
  • A degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field.
  • 1-3 years experience in Google-Ads Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing and Paid Search (PPC)
  • Possess a solid understanding of e-commerce frameworks.
  • Must have a high level of attention to detail including proven ability to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously.
  • A creative and strategic thinker with a strong customer orientation.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, thrive in matrix environments and are adept at building relationships with different stakeholders.


Stewards & Cleaners



      • 1-2 years working experience
      • K.C.S.E Certificate
      • Knowledge of the best practices and procedures for cleaning
      • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Club Waiters & Waitresses



      • 1-2 years working experience as a waiter or waitress in a clu.
      • Fine dining experience
      • Diploma/certificate in hospitality, or related field.
      • Knowledge of the best practices and procedures for customer service and hotel procedures.
      • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills



      • Bachelor’ s degree in Accounting, Commerce or Finance.
      • At-least one year working experience as an accountant
      • CPA / ACCA or equivalent professional qualification.
      • Strongly proficient in microsoft office: excel, word and power point and G-suite applications.
      • Good kinowledge of tax laws, rules and regulations in Kenya.
      • Strong statistical and analyticalskills.
      • Attentive to detail in execution of tasks, with good

      report writing skills.

    • Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.




    • Should have at least 2 years of experience as a rider
    • Should have a valid motorbike license
    • Should have excellent communication skills
    • Honesty and a positive attitude



  1. Must have a relevant certifications’ in Agriculture.
  2. 5 years work experience in a management level in a coffee estate is preferred
  3. Fluent in English or Kiswahili
  4. Good understanding of accounting principles and cost analysis.
  5. Firm grasp of large-scale commercial coffee estate management is preferred.
  6. Organizational and time-management skills
  7. Knowledge and experience of coffee cultivation, irrigation, technical and processing.
  8. Self-motivation, with the ability to motivate others


  • Overall management and cost control of the farm department.
  • Establish the farm’s development and cropping plan.
  • Responsible for developing and adhering to all budgets, targets and costing of operations.
  • Plan and be responsible for the training, mentoring and monitoring of all farm employees
  • Apply health and safety standards across the farm
  • Comply with NEMA regulations
  • Weekly across the board progress reports with ownership
  • Regular performance appraisals of all farm employees to ensure standards are upheld
Business Development Manager

We are Hiring a Business Development Manager


  1. A bachelor’s degree in business, finance or a related discipline like is required.
  2. 5 years of experience in business development, with at least 2 years in microfinance or an related sector.
  3. Leadership experience, with the ability to establish high performing team.
  4. Self-starter who has initiative and is aggressive and competent in interpersonal relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Manage existing portfolio while providing scheduled reports using excel and other platforms.
  2. Debt and portfolio management including debt collection and reminders.
  3. Provide information about any important market feedback/events/new development that may have impact on business ddevelopment.
  4. Maintain regulatory requirements of the company and for projects.
  5. Tender application
  6. Project management
  7. Analytic and innovative while creating a favorable atmosphere for company growth initiatives, such as new opportunities and business.
  8. Stay in touch with existing clients to ensure a high level of repeat business.
  9. Analyze applicants’ financial situation, credit, and property evaluations to determine loan eligibility.
  10. Lead, motivate, and continuously develop a credible high performing team.
  11. Advise the director
Restaurant Supervisor

We are Hiring a Restaurant Supervisor


  • Plan implement & manage overall restaurant daily operations.
  • Ensure compliance with sanitation & safety regulations.
  • Schedule & manage all activities for restaurant staff according to guidelines and measuring their performance.
  • Promoting & marketing restaurant business.
  • Build & maintain strong relationship with customers , staff and suppliers.
  • Responding efficiently and accurately to customer complaints.
  • Delivering on customer satisfaction.


  • 3-5 years working experience as a restaurant supervisor.
  • Diploma/Degree in hospitality management Business Administration or related field.
  • Strong leadership, motivational & managerial skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
Nanny cum Driver

We are Hiring a Nanny cum Driver


    • High school KCSE certificate or suitable equivalent.
    • Valid driver’s license, with clean driving record and proficient driving skills.
    • 3+ years child care experience, including infant care.
    • Proficient knowledge of home safety and first aid.
    • Proficient knowledge of housekeeping and meal preparation
    • Honesty and a positive attitude
Admin/Cum Receptionist

We are Hiring an Admin/Cum Receptionist

Our client in Microfinance is looking  to hire a mature and experienced secretary cum receptionist who has a prior experience working  in the Microfinance/Banking industry.


    • Diploma in Front Office, Secretarial, PR or related fields
    • At least 2 years relevant experience in the front office most preferably in banking or microfinance
    • Computer proficient with experience in M.S Suit
    • Typing speed and accuracy
    • Data entry experience
    • Excellent communication skills

Marketing Manager

Our client a Lighting and Interior Design company is seeking to hire an experienced confident and motivated MARKETING MANAGER who will be responsible for generating unique sales plans, creating engaging advertisements, emails and promotional literature


    • Degree in Marketing, Mathematics, Business or a related field
    • 3 to 5 years of experience in Marketing
    • Strong people management experience, leading teams to follow marketing strategies
    • Understanding and knowledge of sales and marketing
    • Knowledge of data analysis and report writing
    • Must possess excellent organizational and planning skills
    • Excellent verbal and written communications and cross-organization collaboration skills.
Hospitality Interns

Hospitality Interns

Our client in the hotel industry are looking for ambitious hospitality interns. You should be ready to greet customers with a smile and help with day-to-day operations, whether you are serving or keeping things tidy.


1. Bachelors / Diploma in hospitality management or a similar relevant field

2. Knowledge of the best practices and procedures for customer service, hospitality management, hotel operations

3. Excellent communication, leadership, relationship building and interpersonal skills

4. Previous working experience in the hotel industry is an added advantage

5. Excellent Customer Service

Digital Marketing Intern

We are Hiring a Digital Marketer Intern !


  • Work alongside the team to create a plan for social media strategies monthly
  • Assist in the growth of the brand by raising awareness through various social media platforms
  • Monitor postings to ensure the brand message is constant from the terminology used to images posted
  • Aid in the daily aspects of promoting the businesses campaigns
  • Interact with followers and potential customers by communicating and answering questions through the company’s social pages
  • Assist in implementing plans to increase followers on popular social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Oversee the creating and implementation of a monthly editorial which included monthly sales objectives and initiatives
  • Help create content as dictated by the monthly editorial calendar to promote sales, blogs, and products


  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, journalism, public relations, or related field
  • At least 1 year of social media management experience
  • Professional certification in Google Analytics strongly preferred
  • Familiar with multi-social posting through programs such as Hootsuite and HubSpot
  • Comfortable with working with Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites
  • General knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and internet ranking for web content
  • Entry-level experience determining how to cater unique marketing campaigns to a unique audience
  • Ability work alongside a diverse group of employees and simultaneously work toward many company initiatives at once
  • Entry-level understanding of marketing strategy and how to use the concepts throughout various forms of outreach
Graphic Designers

Talented Graphic Designers Wanted

Duties And Responsibilities

Graphic Design

  • Develop creative concepts through brainstorms and team collaboration.
  • Collect briefs from stakeholders.
  • Layout Design (brochures, posters, packaging collateral, and general Point Of Sale Material etc.)
  • Design internal communications, templates for presentations and newsletters.


  • Provide support in product photoshoots
  • Support in photoshoots during events and company ceremonies
  • Edit photos to enhance them for optimum storytelling ad usage.

Qualifications & Skills Desirable.

    • Proficiency in Adobe Products (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom etc.)
    • At least 1 year in industry experience required
    • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
    • Hands on experience in photography and photo editing
    • Hands on experience in videography and video editing
    • Prove basic website design skills and knowledge (Content Management Systems, HTML etc.)
    • Understanding of the latest social media trends and practices
    • Any extra design-related certification is an added advantage

FMCG Sales Supervisor

Our client, a dairy processing factory is seeking to hire an experienced FMCG Sales Supervisor to spearhead the companies sales strategy.


  • 1. A Bachelor’s degree holder in Marketing or Business related course.
  • 2. At least 2 years experience in FMCG Sales.
  • 3. At least 3 years prior Experience in Modern Trade.
  • 4. Excellent understanding of merchandising.
  • 5. Great leadership skills with the ability to organize teams.
  • 6. Excellent communication skills with the ability of building & maintaining excellent      relationship with the customers.
  • 7. Excellent negotiation skills
  • 8.  Valid Driving License (BCE)
Admin Assistant Job Vacancy

Admin assistant job vacancy

We are looking for a master multi-tasker with excellent communication skills and an upbeat attitude to perform a variety of administrative duties.


  • Attending to visitors and walk-in clients,handling telephone calls and directing them to the right recipients’.
  • Purchase office supplies and equipment when needed.
  • Attending to meetings and taking down minutes that accurately reflect any action
  • Maintaining and continously updating members and sponsors contact details
  • Screening phone calls, enquiries and requests;handling them when appropriate.
  • Overseeing the maintenance of office facilities and equipment.
  • Setting up and optimizing company pages within each social media platform.
  • In liason with the marketing manager, they organize events and seminars for its members.


  • A degree or diploma in Business related fields or PR
  • Proven work experience in a similar role
  • Knowledge in social media marketing and digital media is an added advantage
  • Solid organizational, record keeping and multitasking capabilities.
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills.

Apply and share


I.T sales executives

We are Looking for exceptional It sales executives for a client that deals with computer hardware and accessories – Nairobi


  1. Determining a client’s business requirements and whether the products being considered are suitable.
  2. Developing ‘Out of the box’ sales strategies/models and determining their effectiveness
  3. Research accounts and generates or follow through sales needs
  4. Deciding whether the software or hardware needs meet the client’s needs.
  5. Evaluating customer needs and building productive long-lasting relationships
  6. Answering any technical questions the client might have


  1. A degree/diploma in IT / business related field.
  2. At least 5 years in Sales. Most preferably I.T Sales
  3. An excellent grasp of sales strategies
  4. Good communication, presentation and listening skills
  5. Must posses excellent organizational skills